Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tales of the Blanket People

Ann wasn't like all the other Blanket People.

While most people wore sweater vests in an afghan style, like Vera here, Ann's entire lower half of her body was comprised of blanket. Pure blanket. She never walked, or skipped, or ran a sweaty 500K race. No, instead she crawled about like a snake, her single arm her means to move in this world. Some might have considered her a pity case, but in reality Ann was quite content with her unusal composition - although, seeing her worried expressions, you might never know it. Although the Blanket People initially thought her genetic makeup had taken the blanket thing a little too far, she soon became embraced wholeheartedly into their circle of love and friendship.
One day Ann met another person just like her. Her name was Kimberly. Kimberly and Ann struck up an immediate and lasting friendship. They knew they couldn't do things like walk or drive Mazdas, but they could lift each other spiritually and sing Bette Midler songs to each other. The end.

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