Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Straight Flush Beats A Full House

"Child Toilet costume is a very funny kids Halloween costume. A Child toilet costume is also perfect for every potty mouth kid. Use as a modern day Dunce cap. Young boys love this silly Toilet bowl Halloween costume. One size fits most kids size 7-12."

This reminds me of something Sybil's mother would enforce that a future therapist in the adult years will take years to unravel. In Sally Field's portrayal (airing in a two-part afternoon "event" on TBS, circa 1988), there would be a vignetted flashback of her tyrannical mater shouting at her, "CHIPPY! CHOCOLATE CHIPPY! WEAR THE TOILET, SYBIL! WEAR THE TOILET!" and then it would flash back to Joanne Woodward giving her a hug and telling her it was okay, she was a grownup now, she didn't need to wear the toilet anymore, and then that weird singing music would start and it would cut to a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed commercial.

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