Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How To Keep Your Husband Happy, Or, Shame Your Way Thin

Right after life and liberty, the Declaration of Independence lists "the pursuit of happiness." For most everyone happiness means health and love. Do you know that overweight is a threat to the happiest of marriages? The obese wife knows that she is a disappointment to her husband. It is dangerous to family contentment when Mamma is the best advertisement for her own calorie-burdened cooking. Fighting against weight is one of the surest ways of fighting for husband's continued love, and getting it. there is a great reward for getting that figure back where it ought to be. Nothing is quite so good for the ego as admiring glances from the man you love. Money won't buy it, but diet and exercising will accomplish it.

Men like a woman to be vivacious and alive, and they love a soft, musical, feminine voice.

It is not enough just to be in love with a man; you must know how to express your love in many ways. Men need constant affection and attention. It is not enough to say "I love you," you must constantly prove it in many ways and one of the best ways to express your love is to keep your body beautiful. It is the obligatoin of every woman to bring out her best features. If she does, she will find her husband will be happier and his eye won't rove far from home. Take a look at yourself. Does your excess poundage outnumber your anniversaries? If so, then it's time to begin a well-planned program. Give your husband a chance to admire in you what he admires in other women.

Your eyes are the focal point of your face and everything should be done to enhance their beauty. Open your eyes as wide as you can while at the same time open your mouth and pulling your upper lip tightly down over your teeth. You might like to try experimenting with eye lashes, they help to make you feel glamourous.

A man loves to hold graceful hands. It's quite often a problem for a woman to keep her hands graceful and attractive with all the housework she must do. Water and heat are very aging to hands.

Heavy, flabby arms can make a woman appear much older than she is. You can reduce the size of your arms with the arm exercised on this record. Remember also to cut down on all starches.

Acquiring and maintaining an attractive bust line is something you must work on all the time.

When a man thinks of a tiny waist, he thinks of someone young and feminine. A small waistline can be maintained through life.

The hips can make a woman look matronly or youthful. A man likes to see hips that are round and firm and lifted.

There is nothing more unattractive than fat thighs. I dislike myself when my thighs get a little heavy. At 21 my thighs were my biggest worry, and I became desperate to reduce. Men love firm thighs and if you follow the exercises you can have lovelier thighs.

1) Firm and graceful body.
2) Be at home when he arrives. If you must work, try and arrange it so you're home first.
3) Clothes, sexy...for your evenings home.
4) Be interested in him and the things he does.
5) A good conversationalist.
6) A bright smile over morning coffee. This paints a good mental picture of you all day.
7) Nice voice. Keep it soft and musical, also a pretty laugh.
8) Excess fat (taboo).
9) Well-set hair, brushed and clean.
10) Mentally alert (try reading).
11) Pincurls (if they are a must, pin up after the lights are out and wear a bed cap).
12) Perfume - just for him, when he's home.
13) A regular manicure.
14) A weekly pedicure.


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