Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tattoo Artists Of the Mad Vortex

Sometimes you just can't stop expressing your love for a man/woman/cream cheese bagels/"Golden Girls" reruns/fresh vegetables.

But after the constant elation, your friends might tire of your praises and just tell you to "get a freaking tattoo already!" ...and you do.

You go right down to the tattoo parlour and demand that they ink your skin so you can be a billboard to the WORLD for the object of your affection. And dammit, if it's Clay Aiken, well he's gonna be RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE the REST OF YOUR LIFE! And EVEN UNTIL YOUR DEAD BODY DECOMPOSES! That's how much you love Clay. Or Indian corn dogs. Or that certain URL. Or a full English breakfast. Or Harry Potter. Or corn making sweet, sweet love to broccoli.

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