Friday, May 26, 2006

Scandal In Kittyland: A Mini-Mystery

Kittyland was a rough place, but Captain Raccoon had a job to do. Miss Mousie had been trapped in a floating bubble perilously over a sea of molten chocolate. If she moved one step, the bubble would burst and the Evil Cookies would devour her. In all his years on the beat, Captain Raccoon had never encountered a situation so dire, so grave.
But who did it? Was it Scamper Squirrel? Or the great Madame herself...Miss Kitty? With net in hand, Captain Raccoon began the long interrogation process, which was impossible to conduct, because, alas, Captain Raccoon had no mouth.
Why is she in that floating bubble? What does she know? Who is she protecting? What information is she hiding? What is that kanji code signifying?
But Scamper and Miss Kitty said nothing. In a cruel twist of fate, neither of them had mouths either, and they could not respond to questions unasked. And so, as they continued floating on their graham cracker barge, they left poor Miss Mousie trapped in a hell none of us will ever understand.

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