Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Class of 1959: Nelda "Nelda" Stull's Secret Love Affairs Discovered!

Curriculum: Vocational
Description: Enjoyed trip to Washington....shy.....never has much to say.....a friend to everyone.....secret love affairs????
Clubs: Band, Future Homemakers of America

Secret love affairs, eh, Nelda? Well, I think I discovered your secret. I think you had a love affair with this handsome fellow. And why not? According to this yearbook, "Zig"
- is musically inclined
- is popular
- is a good student
- is college bound
- starts confusion but never gets accused
- is a tall tale teller

Also, he is class vice president, in the student council, is in band and chorus, drama club, photography, yearbook staff, basketball, wrestling, and the class play.

I'm sure he appreciates your trip to Washington too, Nelda.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, those are my parents!!!